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Yantai Sanding Chemical Co.,Ltd is estabilshed by Hebei puovingce zunhua zhengzhi trade co.,ltd and japan hakuei located in the industry part of sanshan island ,laizhou city ,shandong province. it covers an area of 33335m2 , including building area of 15000m2 .it is founded in 2004.its capital incorporation is usd1100,000.00, it is registered capital is usd800,000.00.

Our main products are sulfamic acid product 8000 tons ,ammonium sulfamate product 1500 tons ,guanidine sulfamate product 1800 tons, guanidinge hydrochloride ,magnesium sulfate product 2500 tons and related products.

General manager mr.yang liming with all of personnel cordially look forward to cooperate with you

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